Credit Washing: Insight from the Experts Webinar


Zahid Kassem - headshot
Zahid Kassem
Max Best Granite Wall
Maxwell Blumenfeld
Co-founder, COO
Headshot - Jon Barhorst
Jon Barhorst
Chief Risk Officer

This 45 minute webinar will give you tools to protect against the impact of credit washing

Credit washing is the practice of fraudulently deleting a tradeline from a credit report by someone falsely claiming to be an id theft victim. It's done by consumers who want to get out of their financial obligations or fraudsters with synthetic identities who want to remove a charged off tradeline from their credit report.

GDS Link and SentiLink are excited to gather this panel of experts to explain how financial institutions are impacted by credit washing and share ideas on ways to minimize your risk from credit washing.

What you’ll learn:

Specific signals to look for to defend against the financial and security impacts of credit washing.
New ways to protect your business from credit washing.
Predictions to prepare for the shifts in credit washing techniques ahead.

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